Elevate Academy Nampa Team

Colton Sweesy

Tegan Byerly

Lanelle Gans

Office Manager – Registrar

Brittany Driesler


Brad Workman

School Resource Officer

Elizabeth Martinez

Attendance Clerk

Julie Quiroz

Special Education Teacher

Demetreus Taua


Crystal Gallo


Ellie Elli

MS English

Kayla Elston

MS Science

Marrisa Cook


Lindsey Grimmett

MS Social Studies/Science

Robert Hibbard

Computer Science

Amy Johnson

HS English

Shannon Jones

Public Safety

Shawn Kaba

Medical Assisting

Gavin King

HS Science

Cody Kopp

MS Math

Joel Meninga

HS Social Studies

Skyler Penrod

MS Social Studies

Rick Ray


Lisa Routledge

HS Math

Nicole Rushin

HS Math

Kylie Ruhl

Ag Mechanics

Salvador Soto


Janette Stevenson

HS English

Brittney Stover

MS English

Kaitlin Vasil

MS English

Rebecca Wheeler

MS Math

Jennifer Whipple

MS Math

Ellie Wolcik


Heather Ekeland

Nutrition Services

Cheyenne Mancha

Nutrition Services

Glenn Peter


Chris Logan


Randy Hughes


Mary Gascon


Doug Kennings


We Believe In...

We believe that all students, who have the opportunity to engage in school and activities that inspire them, will be more likely to develop habits and dispositions that will lead to success in the workplace and in life.

We believe in supporting students in their path towards ownership of and success in their life. We provide opportunities to build life skills through our Power 100 curriculum.

We believe in changing the experience for students that have not enjoyed school.

We believe in learning that is personalized to meet the needs of each student. Students will learn in teams for core subject time with guidance and mentoring of their teacher to best utilize their time. Students will be provided a variety of ways to learn from group settings, hands on experiences, and independent work based on their individual needs.

We believe in second chances. Elevate has created Peak and Crest programs that allows students who are behind in credits to participate and earn industry certifications and their workforce readiness certificate while catching up on credits that lead to graduation.

We believe in the Social and Emotional needs of all students. Elevate Academy Nampa is partnering with local support organizations to provide resources that will be available to our students and their families.