Student Services

CHILD FIND                                                                                           

Elevate Academy is responsible to locate, refer and identify all children, who are suspected of having a disability and are enrolled in our school.   


Do you suspect that your child might have a disability? If a child is having significant difficulty with vision, hearing, speech, behavior, is experiencing slow development typical for his/her age, physical impairments, or learning difficulty, he/she may be a child with a disability.

For more information or with any questions, please contact Julie Quiroz at or 208-614-3156.


Elevate Academy Nampa provides special education services to students going into the 6th grade through age 21 with disabilities who qualify under specific state and federal laws and regulations. While not every child with a disability will require special education services, every child whose disability affects their academic, functional, and social/emotional progress, who meets the state and federal eligibility requirements, and who requires specially designed instruction is entitled to receive a free and appropriate public education that meets their unique needs.

Special education is provided by the school district at no cost to parents. Special education services and supports are provided for individual students based on their individual needs as identified in their IEP. Services and supports are available via a continuum based on those unique needs.

 Specially designed instruction is provided that focuses on individual specific needs. Services and supports are provided for academic needs, related services, (i.e. OT, SLP, PT) functional and life skills needs, and social/emotional needs. The purpose of special education is to allow the student to successfully develop his or her individual potential. 

Students who receive special education services and support are general education students first. The goal of Elevate Academy Nampa is to provide the greatest amount of general education curriculum, instruction, and interaction as is appropriate for each student. Ongoing collaboration between special education teachers and staff, general education teachers, the student, and parents allows for the most effective support for all parties and the best outcomes for the student.  

For more information or with any questions, please contact Julie Quiroz at or 208-614-3156.

ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNERS (ELL)                                                                            

The state and federal government provide funding to assist districts in ensuring English Learner students gain English fluency and also master the same academic standards expected of all students. Funding is used for specially trained teachers and assistants, and for training and materials to assist in meeting the needs of EL students. 

Migrant Students                                                                                                                               

Migrant students are students who move with their families as many as two or three times each school year for work. Their parents are usually farmworkers who are compelled to move frequently in order to harvest and/or process seasonal crops. Congress provides federal funds to support education programs for migratory children and help ensure that migratory children ages 3 to 21 who move among the states are not penalized in any manner by disparities among states in curriculum, graduation requirements, or state academic content and student academic achievement standards. 

Elevate Academy Nampa supports academic instruction, provides remedial services, and offers services beyond the regular school year. We ensure that migratory children not only are provided with appropriate education services (including supportive services) that address their special needs, but also that such children receive full and appropriate opportunities to meet the same challenging state academic content and student academic achievement standards that all children are expected to meet.                                                                                  

Mental/Physical Impairments (504)                                                                                                      

Some students experience physical or mental impairments that can hamper their ability to access our educational program in the same way as other students. Federal laws and rules (often referred to as 504) detail requirements for schools to use to ensure the needs of these students are met.                                                                                                   

Students might qualify for services under Section 504 if they have a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits a major life activity such as walking, seeing, hearing, speaking, breathing, learning or working.    

Parents with concerns should contact Cherie Staples at  to see if a 504  Plan should be created to outline services and accommodations for their child.     

Mental Health Supports 

Youth Empowerment Services

Youth Empowerment Services (YES) is a system of care for youth in Idaho under 18 who may benefit from mental health support. YES uses a youth and family-centered, team-based, and strengths-focused approach for early identification, treatment planning, and implementation of mental health care. Below is more information including a checklist and brochure about where to find more support. 

Resources in English
Recursos en español

Crisis Resources

Canyon County Self Rescue Manual

Adolescent Resource Guide: A guide to community resources and supports in Region 3.

Adolescent Resource Guide (Spanish)