Elevate Academy Nampa Students

Elevate Academy Nampa is a school of choice for students who qualify as at risk and are not finding success in their current educational setting. Elevate Academy Nampa is designed to align industry work with core academic subjects so that students will find purpose behind everything that is learned in the classroom.

2022-2023 School Year

Lottery Info

Elevate Academy Nampa follows Idaho’s required enrollment lottery procedures to fill available spots. For the 2022-23 school year, Elevate Academy Nampa is open for 6th-10th grade students.

Elevate Academy Nampa Waitlist Interest Form

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Our Mission

“Elevate Academy’s mission is for all students to take responsibility for leading their own lives and studying a career track that may include vocational and college paths or a combination thereof.”


Elevate Academy Nampa’s is founded on the belief that students from all backgrounds deserve the opportunity to engage in an educational program that is meaningful to them, and that provides a direction and sense of purpose for their future.

Elevate Academy Nampa’s 6th-12th grade students will have the opportunity to discover and develop their personal strengths, enhance their leadership skills, and find their passion for life as they explore future career paths. Building a firm foundation in middle school will support continued growth and success for students in high school. Students will graduate with industry certification necessary to gain employment and the skills and knowledge to go on and further their training if they desire.

Community Driven Education

Elevate Academy Nampa brings education and industry together in a 6th-12th grade, learning environment to build the future of our community and the workforce. Our goal is to help students become career leaders – industry certified, engaged, productive professionals.

Career & Technical Focus

Career Technical Education spaces will be designed by professionals and offerings will be aligned to Nampa’s industry needs. Local industry partnerships may include construction, welding/manufacturing, culinary arts, criminal justice, firefighting, business/marketing, graphic design, medical arts, and others according to community input and need.


We believe that when students are inspired by their school and learning, they are more likely to develop healthy habits and mindsets, leading them toward academic achievement and success in the workforce.

Beat the Odds! At Risk Youth

Elevate Academy Nampa is a school of choice for students who qualify as at risk and are not finding success in a traditional education setting. Elevate Academy Nampa seeks to inspire hope in each learner through goals, opportunities, and instruction that connects to their interests and strengths.

Opportunity Driven Focus

Elevate Academy Nampa’s learning opportunities will be designed to align local industry work with core academic subjects so that students will find purpose behind everything that is learned in the classroom. Elevate Academy Nampa will operate on a year-round model. Students will attend four days of scheduled learning experiences. The fifth day of the week will be additional time for CTE programs, intervention for students who are academically deficient, and enrichment for students that are on or above grade level.


Elevate Academy Nampa believes the relationship between teacher and student is vital. For students to learn best, our teachers will establish and build relationships of care, trust, cooperation and respect. Our Elevate Academy Nampa team shares a passion for supporting each student in developing their full potential, which will help them foster resilience, and ignite their desire to reach new heights.

Integrated Purpose Driven Curriculum

Offering relevant and interest-based learning experiences, while educating the whole child is a priority at Elevate Academy Nampa. Core instruction will be taught through CTE experiences, providing students with relevant connections to the required Idaho Content Standards. Students will have the opportunity to earn college credit and industry certifications. By owning their educational pathway, students will become contributing members of their community and local economy upon graduation.

Mastery-Based Education

Elevate Academy Nampa’s students will receive personalized and mastery-based learning opportunities. Students will be supported through four phases of learning that include define/identify, create, communicate/share, and apply. We recognize the value of a highly-skilled workforce, along with lifelong learners. Our 6th-12th grade learning continuum provides a space to support students as they develop knowledge and skills of state academic and industry standards.