Permit Information


If the student’s last name is different from that of the parent/guardian, appropriate records should be made available that provides proof of the parent’s/guardian’s relationship to the student. Step-parents cannot be liability signers unless legal adoption papers from the court are provided.

Students MUST be Fourteen Years Six Months (14 1/2) years old on or before the day they purchase a driver’s permit.

The student and his/her parent or guardian together must take the following items to their local Drivers License bureau. Caldwell is located at 6107 Graye Lane, (208)454-7487. Any DMV can issue the permit.
Please instruct them to send the permit to Elevate Academy Drivers Ed Program.

  • A “Verification of Compliance” form from the school. Students can secure this from their school office.
  • An original, state certified birth certificate. It must have the raised, embossed seal on it. Copies of the certificate will NOT be accepted. Hospital certificates will not be accepted.
  • Photo Identification. Both parent & student must provide photo ID (yearbook, student activity card, some school offices can print the photo on the VOC form if requested)
  • Social Security Number
  • Twenty one dollars and fifty cents cash ($21.50) to pay for permit.

The student will be required to take an eye test. Their picture will be taken for the instruction permit.

DMV should give you 2 receipts.  1 full page will show the information that you paid for the permit with a statement number and the other 1/2 sheet will have the actual permit number and show where the permit was mailed to.  We need both receipts.  You will receive them back with a certificate and the permit upon completion of the class.